I have found that one of the most important skills as a designer (or any career, really) is to be resourceful, knowing where to look for everything one would need. Whether it's finding the perfect typeface for a branding project, or a book to spark some new ideas.

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Tools  of  trade


All those random pictures and screenshots saved on your Desktop? Organize them all with this simple site (and don't forget to get that web extension too) 


This is what I use to save and organize every website I find on the internet.

Bose Headphones

I've been a fan of Bose over-the-ear headphones since college to get me through those design briefs that require lots of concentration and no room for distractions.


Market, Freebies BugGraphic Burger, Creative Market, Mockuuups and For Graphic are all places I go to for mocking up designs (print & digital)


I hope I never have to use any other communication/chat service ever again <3 



My coworkers and I use Wake to quickly share work and receive feedback on all types of projects. 


My go-to source of all freelance questions and concerns. If you are serious about freelancing, I highly recommend getting this book as well. 


For big collaborative projects with clients, InVision is a great tool to help design, review and test products and sites. 


One of the best tools out there right now for Prototyping. 


You've been living under a rock if you've never heard of Dropbox (and how amazing it is) to store everything.


Design Books

How to Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing your Soul

Definitely one of my all-time favorites. I read this before my first internship in Seattle and learned oodles of design knowledge. 

Never Sleep: Graduating to Graphic Design

Recommended to me by one of my professors in college. 

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits

Required reading in my BFA program. Debbie Millman is awesome. Her podcasts are a must listen as well. 

Steal Like an Artist

The perfect little inspirational book.

The Great Discontent: Magazine

This publication is a must for anyone who is passionate about pursuing their dreams (which should be everyone). They're online site is a great resource as well. I always read a few of these interviews when I need some encouragement and a little pick-me-up.



Kern and Burn: Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs

I read this book for my independent study in college on Design Entrepreneurism. An amazing publication that includes interviews with 30 leading designers and discusses what it takes to run a successful business and build your career.

Creative Confidence

One of the most important attributes to have as a successful designer is the confidence to vocalize your thoughts and thinking. Authors Tom & David Kelley help teach us how to unleash our own creativity and innovative spirit that lies in all of us. 

The Design of Business

Roger Martin discusses why thinking like a designer is the next competitive advantage to benefit any individual or company in today's modern, innovative and technological world. 

*This site has a great list of traditional books on Graphic Design & Typography as well